Love Free or Die: Table of Contents!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the Table of Contents for Love Free or Die, the fourth volume in Rick Brousssard’s New Hampshire Pulp Fiction anthology series, from Plaidswede Publishing, to be published February, 2014.

 (Drumroll, please!)

 “Come Live With Me and Be My Love” by Michael Samuels

“Canobie Kisses” by Kari Lemor

“The Republic’s Last Revolution” by S. J. Cahill

“Hate Everybody” by Robin Small

“I Fall in Love with a Dog on Elm Street” by Judi Calhoun

“A Second Chance” by Shana Chartier

“Closure” by Anna Boghigian 

“Summer Portrait” by Jessie Salisbury 

“Portsmouth Propriety” by Susan E. Kennedy 

“Psychodrome and Skyway” by Abby Goldsmith 

“Casualties” by Sylvia Beaupre 

“Eyre & Earp” by James Isaak 

“When Autumn Leaves Fall” by David O’Keefe 

“Catch” by Leah Brent

“Unbranding” by Justine Graykin 

“K-Force” by Timothy Boudreau 

“Deeply in Love” by Norman Klein 

“Lambent Insularity” by B. K. Rakhra 

“Rescued” by KJ Montgomery 

“Lost and Found” by Melva Michaelian 

“The Hike” by Robert E. Owen 

“All’s Fair” by Amy Ray 

“Glimmering Places” by Troy Ehlers

Congratulations to our authors–and thanks to all the authors who submitted your work! 

Yearning for Your Submissions

Writers with romantic intentions, come hither. The fourth volume of New Hampshire Pulp Fiction is lounging languidly on a velvet divan, making eyes at you. It’s time to make your move.

Submit your stories of love lost, passion fulfilled and unrequited devotion — all deeply embedded in New Hampshire places and culture — to Elaine Isaak at and perhaps you too can be a part of this local publishing phenomenon.

Story length: 8,000 words or less

Deadline for submissions: July 31, 2013

Planned for release before Valentine’s Day, 2014.