How YOU Could Write the Title Story!


It’s not unusual for an anthology to take its name from one of the stories in the collection. “Love Free or Die” follows that pattern, but here’s the twist: The title story has not yet been written.

Between now and July 31, 2013, writers are invited to submit stories based upon that very title. Obviously the stories will feature the Live Free or Die state, its landmarks, locales and characteristics, but to be considered, they must introduce believable characters grappling with affairs of the heart and passions of the flesh.

Submit your most sensational tale, set anywhere in New Hampshire, in any time, and it could be the one chosen to be immortalized as the title story in the fourth volume of New Hampshire Pulp Fiction (Volume 1: “Live Free or Undead” and Volume 2: “Live Free or Die, Die, Die!” are currently on sale across New Hampshire. Volume 3, Live Free or Sci-Fi will be out in late summer 2013.)

For additional details or to submit stories, write Elaine Isaak at

2 thoughts on “How YOU Could Write the Title Story!

    • KJ, It’s a great suggestion, but no. I don’t think there is such a list. You can purchase the books online at and I’ll make it a point to ask the publisher, Plaidswede Publishing, about where the book is available. Once I have the information, I’ll post it on the website(s).


      Rick Broussard

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